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Mildred the rally car
Henry Cooper - Crofty's Mighty Mini
Purdey - the most famous CBM car


This Mini Se7en racer is owned and built by Paul Clark. The engine, prepared by MCD is the most powerful on the grid and Clarky regularly proves that he is one of the fastest (and bravest) drivers out there.

Starting life as Clarky's road going Rover Mini Cooper, Paul rebuilt the car into a Mighty Mini racer after a road accident. After many race wins Clarky decided to move up a gear into Mini Se7en racing, so the car was completely rebuilt to the appropriate specification.

After another total rebuild for the 2004 season, Clarkys Se7en is now the
most advanced car on the grid.

Mini Shop London - +44(0)20 8805 8085
Myk Cable Developments +44(0)7831 696621

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