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Racing generally refers to competitions around a circuit, Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Donnington Park are ideal examples.

CBM currently operates two racing Minis, one in the Mighty Mini Championship the other in Mini Se7en racing - the longest running single make racing formula.

The Mighty Mini championship is designed to create close, but economical racing. All of the cars are basically standard Rover Coopers, with a few suspension tweaks and safety equipment. The series has attracted a lot of attention and "star drives" since its inception in 1996.

Andy has been racing his Cooper since 2001 and is now moving up a class.

Paul has been racing since 1996 and is now in his third year of a higher class, looking at moving to a rally career.

Neil started racing in 1998, the year he claimed the first Mighty Mini novice award. Making progress up the grid in 1999, his Mini was made into 5200 Corgi models. During 1999 this Mini was the focus of CBM's publicity activities and contributed greatly in the achievement of featuring in at least one high street magazine per month. Ambitiously starting to both race and rally during 2000, Neil decided to concentrate on rallying after a few months as success in the National Rally Championship was within grasp.

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