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Rallying encompasses many different levels of motorsport, from fun treasure hunts to the most popular spectator sport in the UK, the Rally of Great Britain.As a quick explanation of the different rallying types, please see the following descriptions:

Treasure Hunts: Fun runs open to all

Navigational rallies: Events still run on the road with no special licence required, although the focus is entirely on navigating your way around a maze of roads using cryptic directions and maps.

Stage rallies: Stage rallies are held off the public road, and so can be judged on speed. Most teams start on Clubman events, then a successful few progress after a few years to National events, and after that ladder has been climbed, the best progress to International level events.

Rallying has been one of Neil's passions for many years. After starting to compete on navigational events, Neil quickly progress to navigating for Alison Lock in her historic rally car. This proved a very fruitful exercise, but Neil really wanted to drive. After gaining a lot of experience on the race track, he started rally driving in 2000 with Anna McColl navigating. In at the deep end competing in the prestigious Safety Devices National Rally Championship. By the end of the year they had fought of challenges from more powerful and more experienced crews to win their class.

2002 was a very tough and yet rewarding year for the team as they moved up to international motorsport with the Pirelli British Rally Championship, the best National Rally Championship in the world, winning their championship class. Now the team is focusing on gathering the appropriate resources to defend their title during 2003.

Paul Clark is currently considering a move to rallying an MGZR..

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